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The Real Agenda

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Perhaps homosexual activists believe they have been victorious and can now be more honest about their agenda. In the past, many would deny there is a gay agenda. Now they are talking about it openly. At least they are talking about it in Canada.

Bear Bergman is a Canadian activist who recently said he was tired of hiding his true agenda. “I am here to tell you: All that time I said I wasn’t indoctrinating anyone with my beliefs about gay and lesbian and bi and trans and queer people? That was a lie.”

As the head of a Toronto publishing company, he was taught how to use “soft” language when talking about homosexuality. He was not to betray his real goal, which was to recruit kids into the lifestyle. He wanted “those children to disagree with their families on the subject of LGBTQ people.” He concludes his article by admitting that: “I have been on a consistent campaign of trying to change people’s minds about us.”

Aurora Dagny is another gay activist in Canada, and has written an essay critical of the homosexual movement. “There is something dark and vaguely cultish about this particular brand of politics. I’ve thought a lot about what exactly that is. I’ve pinned down four core features that make it so disturbing: dogmatism, groupthink, a crusader mentality, and anti-intellectualism.”

If someone disagrees with the prevailing homosexual mindset, they are not just wrong, but are seen as awful people. They also divide the world into an in-group and an out-group. Disagree on just one item, and you become a heretic. “Groupthink becomes the modus operandi.” And there is crusader mentality, which is “an extreme self-righteousness based on the conviction that they are doing the secular equivalent of God’s work.”

These candid comments help explain why Christian bakers, florists, and photographers are being persecuted by homosexual activists. Most of us have a “live and let live” philosophy of life. Homosexual activists apparently do not.

Viewpoints by Kerby Anderson

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