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Those UFOs

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Kerby Andersonnever miss viewpoints

If you told me earlier this month that I would be doing a commentary on UFOs, I would not have believed it. But recent news stories require some comment. First, it was the TV program 60 Minutes doing a piece on UFOs that were spotted in restricted US airspace. The next night Fox News host Tucker Carlson devoted his opening segment and an interview to concerns about these UFO sightings. Former President Barack Obama said some of the UFO sightings “do not have an easily explainable pattern.”

So let me take a moment during this Memorial Day to interject some comments derived from a number of articles that I have posted on the Point of View website that supplement some of my comments on radio. If you assume that there is a military explanation, then you might want to read the analysis by Jim Geraghty who concluded that conventional wisdom has been shifting on UFOs. He suggests that these UFOs could be secret American military technology or secret technology from another country. As a last resort, he acknowledges that another less likely possibility is alien technology.

Most of the UFO sightings in the past had normal, reasonable explanations. There are always a few that don’t have such explanations. Those could be explained with an extraterrestrial (aliens) hypothesis or an interdimensional (spiritual beings) hypothesis (reference 2).

Andrew Follett explains that most of these sightings do have natural explanations. One of the videos, he believes, is a seabird (perhaps a Canadian goose) that is distorted by parallax. Another video could be explained as a meteor breaking up in the earth’s atmosphere.

We should know more soon since the Pentagon and the US Director of National Intelligence have been charged to investigate these phenomena and issue a report. Meanwhile, let’s all calm down and enjoy our Memorial Day.viewpoints new web version

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