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Transgender Athletes

trans track runner in CT
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Kerby Andersonnever miss viewpoints

Soon every female track record in Connecticut will be held by a transgendered male. Recently two biologically male students finished first and second in the 55-meter dash. Last year, those same two students finished first and second in the 100-meter state track championships.

This is a picture of the future, not only in the state of Connecticut, but nationwide and even worldwide. A biological male allowed to compete against women in just about any sport usually has a distinct advantage. It’s only a matter of time before one of these transgendered males breaks existing women’s records.

Although it may not be popular to say, there are significant biological differences between men and women. At puberty, males get a massive dose of the performance-enhancing hormone known as testosterone. That hormone, coupled with the genetics of male body size, enables them to grow bigger, stronger, and faster. They have more muscle mass, bigger hearts, and greater lung capacity.

This obvious gap between male and female athletic performance is the reason we separate men and women as well as boys and girls in sports. So you might expect (in a sane world) that coaches, athletic directors, and athletic associations would work to enforce the time-honored rules of competitive sports.

But this is no longer a sane world. Women who are revered as professional athletes and Olympic athletes have expressed their concerns only to find they have become targets from transgender advocates. It’s amazing what a little targeted intimidation can do to silence most of the sports community.

What is happening in states like Connecticut are merely a preview of what will eventually happen in your state and your community, unless you speak up. Otherwise more transgendered males will show up on sports teams looking for a competitive advantage.

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