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Truth Changes Everything

Truth Changes Everything by Dr. Jeff Myers
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Kerby Andersonnever miss viewpoints

We face a battle for truth every day. That is why I was delighted to interview Dr. Jeff Myers (Summit Ministries) on his new book, Truth Changes Everything. His first four chapters focus on truth in various ways. One chapter explores the difference between the Truth viewpoint and the truths viewpoint. Another chapter tells ancient stories about truth. Most importantly, he provides a method to evaluate different views of truth and shows how non-biblical views of truth always fail.

One of the most valuable sections of the book are the eight chapters that go into detail about how Jesus’ followers have changed art, science, justice, and work as well as our perspective on so many important ideas. For example, Jesus’ followers have changed how we value life. Until Jesus, care, charity, and compassion were usually seen as defects rather than virtues. That we consider human life valuable and want to help others through the development of medicine and mental health care can be attributed to a biblical worldview.

Jesus’ followers have changed the world of science. He explains that nearly every founder of various scientific disciplines during the scientific revolution was a Christian, or at least a theist. Jesus followers have changed the world of art by making the case for objective beauty and by their involvement in the transformation of the visual arts. We would also add the influence Christians have had in politics with the writings that set forth principles we hold based on law, liberty, and freedom.

He concludes with practical ideas and describes fourteen ways to practice speaking up, personally, in a way that builds truth. If you want to understand today’s challenges and want to provide a wise, biblical response, I recommend Truth Changes Everything.viewpoints new web version

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