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Virtue Signalers

Statue - Pied Piper of Hamlin leading the children
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never miss viewpointsKerby Anderson

When you say the word “invasion,” you will likely think of the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army. But Graham Cunningham talks about another invasion. That would be the “Invasion of the Virtue Signalers.”

The group he talks about goes by various names. They might be called “social justice warriors” or “virtue-signaling liberals” or merely called “the woke.” Whatever name you give to these groups, they have been successful in influencing nearly every institution in America and much of the Western world.

Unlike the Russian invasion, they don’t use guns or bombs. They use rhetoric and what he calls “ex-cathedra incantations of pseudo-values so absurd that only a few years ago it would have seemed like they must be kidding.” That’s a fancy way of saying that you can’t believe people are completely serious when they are saying crazy things about race, gender, and science.

He rightly focuses his attention on what has taking place on university campuses across the nation. Professors are the “academy’s pied-pipers” influencing the “ambitious young minds of the future opinion-forming elite.” But he also focuses on the “feedback loop between an overwhelmingly left-wing academy and a largely left-wing MSM (mainstream media).”

This is an important principle. In the past, many people used to argue that the nutty ideas in the heads of college students would fade away as they had to earn a living and deal with the realities of the world of business. Instead, they found previous graduates in some of these corporations who were woke soul mates. And the media continued to reinforce those crazy woke ideas.

That is why we must challenge these ideas being presented on university campuses and being promoted by much of the media. We should be “destroying arguments and all arrogance raised up against the knowledge of God” (2 Corinthians 10:5).viewpoints new web version

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