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We Choose Life

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In previous commentaries I have documented through various surveys that pastors and church leaders often are not addressing the important issue of the sanctity of life. There are a number of reasons for that, but one significant one is that they don’t quite know how to present the material.

Dave Sterrett has solved that problem with his book, video series, and website with the name “We Choose Life.” The video series is a small group study with training and a discussion guide. It is a free download from wechooselife.info There are short video pieces that include pro-life training and biblical hope from pro-life leaders.

Dave Sterrett is also the general editor and contributing author of the book, We Choose Life. He took an idea from his best-selling book, I Am Second, and let the various authors tell their stories. For example, Ramona Trevino talks about leaving her job at Planned Parenthood and how she found forgiveness. Mellissa Ohden survived a failed abortion attempt and now has a dynamic ministry. Mike Adams talks about his conversion from being a liberal, pro-choice professor to a pro-life, Christian professor on a college campus. Carmen Pate talks about her abortions and brings God’s grace into the discussion. His objective is to train and equip 500,000 high school and college students to be able to give an answer to the abortion issue with clarity, compassion, and conviction.

It is encouraging to see this young pro-life generation being led by millennials like Lila Rose of Live Action and David Daleiden with the Center for Medical Progress. If you think about it, every millennial is a survivor. They were born after the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. Their mothers could have killed them in the womb. So they can speak to the issue of abortion with authenticity. That is why I am so excited about the resources of “We Choose Life.”

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