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Worldview and Culture

Biblical Worldview
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Kerby Andersonnever miss viewpoints

Yesterday I talked about a commentary by Dr. Jeff Myers that raised a significant concern about Christian young people who unfortunately embrace anti-religious views and socialist policies. He also compared the amount spent on the last elections to what colleges and worldview ministries spend to prepare young adults to apply a biblical worldview. He therefore concludes that “spending $100 to fix a problem that could have been prevented for $1 is crazy.” We need to rearrange our priorities and focus on cultural trends and support biblical worldview training.

But I would add a second priority of the critical need for these ministries and organizations to promote each other. Summit Ministries isn’t going to do the job all by itself. He does mention homeschool curricula and one of his recent books mentions certain ministries.

Nancy Flory in an article about his commentary not only mentions Summit but PragerU and Turning Point. That’s a bit of an improvement. But it leaves out radio ministries like Breakpoint and Colson Center for Christian Worldview. It leaves out Point of View and my daily radio commentary. It also leaves out other training ministries like Mind Games Camp and Worldview Academy Camps.

Growing up around Berkeley, I saw how liberals promote each other and form networks much better than Christians. We know that the job is bigger than any one ministry, but rarely will these ministries mention any other organization.

If you have been listening to the Point of View radio talk show, you know we promote lots of these ministries. And if you have been reading my Viewpoints commentary, you know I mention other commentaries and lots of other ministries.

I agree that we have much work to do. But I also suggest that we won’t be very effective if most of these organizations believe they are the only program or ministry doing the important work of worldview training.viewpoints new web version

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