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Christianity Isn’t Dying

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Those with only a loose religious affiliation are finally admitting they don’t really have one at all.

You’ve heard it suggested that the United States is simply Europe on a 50-year delay. Most churches will be museums before your grandchildren reach adulthood.

Though new numbers from Pew Research released this month point to a decline in American Protestants, no serious scholar believes that Christianity in America is on a trajectory of extinction. And, as a researcher and practicing evangelical Christian, I say to those who’ve read recent reports and come to that conclusion, “Not so fast.”

You see, many in the USA who identify as Christian do so only superficially. These “cultural Christians” use the term “Christian” but do not practice the faith.

Now it seems that many of them are even giving up the label, and those cultural Christians are becoming “nones” (people with no religious label).Read More

Source: Ed Stetzer, www.usatoday.com