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Five End Times Flashing Lights

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The author of a new book about Israel’s role in biblical prophecy said in a recent interview that he believes there are five signs in the modern era that convince him that the end times could be nearing.

“There are at least five things that get my attention,” Dr. Ed Hindson, co-author of the new book” told TheBlaze before citing the five contemporary clues that he believes can be found in the Bible.

The first of those signs, he said, is the fact that Israel is back in the promised land.

From there, Hindson, who is the dean of Liberty University’s School of Divinity in Lynchburg, Virginia, proceeded to outline “rumors of war” and the global economy as the second and third signs that could indicate that time may be running out Read More. . .

Source: Billy Hallowell, http://www.theblaze.com