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Scott Lively – Massachusetts

Scott Lively – Massachusetts
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By: Dr. Scott Lively – livelyforgovernor.us


Massachusetts is the very root of America, where the seed of Christianity was first planted and began to thrive; the birthplace of our first constitution, the Mayflower Compact, the site of the First Great Awakening, the incubator of the American anti-slavery movement, and the launching pad for missionaries to every corner of the globe who established schools, hospitals and stable communities where none had existed before.

It is the state to which my family — French Catholics — migrated from Quebec where they had arrived from the Old World in the 1630s. Born in the Village of Shelburne Falls at the height of the family-friendly 1950s, I grew up in a safe and sane society with the common-sense conservative values that exemplified the American dream. (Those were the days when most Democrats were real conservatives too.) The business community was thriving throughout the Commonwealth, with a robust manufacturing base that boasted many of the top blue-chip companies and brands. The cities were prosperous to the point of opulence, while the countryside was an idyllic blend of quaint Norman Rockwell towns and bountiful, self-sustaining family farms. On Saturdays and Sundays the synagogues and churches overflowed with intact families. This isn’t hyperbole, it was reality that I witnessed with my own eyes as a child.

But today all of that is gone. Gone are the factories, the family farms, the prosperity, the security, the cohesion of families, the vibrancy of the churches. Massachusetts is today the most morally corrupt and anti-Biblical state in the union: the most un-churched, the most aggressively Marxist and atheistic in its social and fiscal policies, the first to call homosexual relationships “marriages” by judicial fiat, a land saturated with the blood of innocent unborn babies, a “sanctuary” for illegal aliens and sleeper-cell terrorists. We pay some of the most outrageously high taxes, yet suffer the most dilapidated and crumbling infrastructure — and, when unfunded pensions are included, we‘re drowning in an ocean of debt with no lifeboat in sight, selling our assets to the Chinese just to keep our nostrils above water.

Springfield, where I founded our little inner-city mission church, is a microcosm of the state. A heavily Catholic city (home of a branch of my own family’s Catholic roots), its spiritual head, Bishop Thomas Dupre, became in 2004 the first American bishop ever to be indicted for pederasty (homosexual pedophilia), but escaped prosecution because the statute of limitations had expired. This exemplifies the collapse of moral authority of ALL the Massachusetts churches: Catholic, Protestant, and all the rest who virtually surrendered to the sexual immorality of the 1960s and today (with some commendable exceptions) cower quietly within their shrinking walls while sexual anarchy rages like the bubonic plague through society — priests and pastors too afraid to be called bigots by the leftist media to speak out against it.

Springfield’s politics were heavily influenced by the Mafia, including Springfield mob boss Adolfo “Big Al” Bruno of the Genovese crime family — murdered outside the Our Lady of Carmel social club in Springfield on November 23, 2003. In that same year the Springfield Police Commissioner and various other politically prominent local figures were indicted on a variety of charges related to theft of public resources from a variety of social service entities. Several of them were sent to prison. This exemplifies the extent to which political corruption has overwhelmed our government, which has now — literally — adopted the values of organized crime: embracing gambling casinos and legalizing drug trafficking as “solutions” to our problems, while the elites of both parties openly trade in pork and patronage with their business and political cronies like the old Dons of Sicily. The establishment Republicans like Charlie Baker are just as bad as the Democrats.

Want to understand how corruption really works in Massachusetts? Just look at how they did it in Springfield — intentionally perpetuating government dependency among the poor, the mentally ill, drug addicts and homeless to use them as cash cows to funnel federal dollars into state social service coffers, skimming the cream off the top for themselves, all the while posing as champions of “social justice.”

The latest income stream in Mass is the “opioid crisis” methadone scam in which the vast majority of addicts are supposedly in “rehab” but never actually recover, but (by design) become permanent customers of government funded opioid trafficking, housing, food and every other service, requiring an ever expanding workforce of public employees who always vote socialist and a “donor class” of profiteering “medical service” companies, real estate tycoons and vulture capitalists who keep the gravy train rolling with campaign cash for their pals in office.

And, of course, if Springfield is bad, Boston is a scale of magnitude worse. The corruption is so obvious in the Bay State that people have joked about it for decades, but have lost hope of ever changing it because the establishment of both parties is drawn from the same pool of parasitic super-rich elites whose only real dispute across “party lines” is which group of cronies gets control of the public treasury next.

I’m running for Governor because I want my state back, and only someone immune to political corruption and unafraid of the establishment elites and their media toadies can lead that effort. That’s a rare combination, but it’s one I have by the grace of God. (What other political candidates have you ever seen take the personal risk of stating these things?) I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, or the Torah in which it is rooted. I trust His protection and guidance, and I’’ve proven through the test of fire in full view of the Massachusetts electorate that what I care about is not money, reputation or power, but God’s goodness being restored in people’s lives and our society. I’m not advocating a theocracy or the morphing of church and state, just a return to the family-centered, virtue seeking, ethically honorable society we had when we respected God’’s standards and reaped the rewards of security and prosperity for doing so.

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