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left_flag Thursday, May 23
Thursday, May 23, 2024
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We invite you to join our Millennial Round Table with host Chelsey Yeoman. She is joined by host of the Know Why Podcast, Liberty McArtor. In the first hour, Pastor Joshua Barnes joins the panel. And then in the second hour, President and founder of Stand Strong Ministries, Jason Jimenez comes aboard. They’ll discuss issues facing millennials, and give their perspective on more of today’s top news stories.

Please call or contact us with your perspective, call 800-351-1212 or you can post a comment or question on Facebook at facebook.com/pointofviewradio.

Chelsey Youman, Esq.
National Director of Public Policy for Human Coalition
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Chelsey Youman, Esq., serves the pro-life coalition, as well as women and their preborn children, by advocating for pro-life policies and jurisprudence; mobilizing and unifying local grassroots to strengthen the pro-life movement and its footprint; and engaging with the public to ultimately strengthen our community’s desire to enable women and protect preborn children. Chelsey’s professional experience includes working as seniorRead More

Liberty McArtor -Know Why- Show Page
Liberty McArtor
Point of View Writer | Teacher | Podcast Host | President - Know Why Podcast
Liberty McArtor serves as the President of Know Why, Inc. and host of the Know Why Podcast. She also writes for Point of View Radio Talk Show and teaches English to middle and high school students at a Christian homeschool-hybrid school in north Texas.

Liberty earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Patrick Henry College in northern Virginia. In the past she has worked as a part-time talk radio producer for WMAL in Washington, D.C., and as a staff writer for various nonprofit ministries.

Liberty lives in north Texas with her husband and their two children.
Joshua Barnes Show Page
Joshua Barnes, MTh
Pastor | YouTube Host - The Bible Explained
Josh is a Baptist Pastor from New Hampshire with a master's degree in theology. He is the creator of "The Bible Explained," a popular YouTube channel designed to explain tough questions about biblical topics, and the host of "Point of View," a Christian TV and Radio show, where he comments on political, cultural, social, and theological issues from a Biblical worldview. Josh has answered questions such as “Should Christians fight the LGBTQ agenda?”, “Does the Bible tell us how to vote?”, “Is Bible prophecy being fulfilled today?”, “Is the reality of the resurrection of Christ relevant to politics today?”, “Can true atheists be truly conservative?”, and “Where do conservative principles come from?”
"Point of View" can be seen daily on the Right America Media Network, on FISM TV, and can be heard weekly on the K-Star Conservative Radio Network.
Jason Jimenez Show Page
Jason Jimenez
Author | Speaker | Founder & President - Stand Strong Ministries
Jason Jimenez is the founder and president of Stand Strong Ministries and a faculty member at Summit Ministries. He is a bestselling author and national speaker, specializing in biblical worldview training, family ministry, and church leadership. In 2018, he launched the I Will Stand Strong movement (www.IWillStandStrong.org) to reach thousands of young people online with the gospel.
Letitia James Wants to Suppress the Truth about Abortion-Pill Reversal
New York’s attorney general is suing pregnancy-resource centers for making women aware that it’s possible to reverse chemical abortions.  
Does Atheism Usher in Utopia?
There is a trait noticeable about many atheists, besides the obvious one that they don’t believe in God. This is that they hate God or the idea of God.  
Iran’s president has died in office. Here’s what happens next.
Once seen as a likely successor to Iran’s Supreme Leader, President Ebrahim Raisi has died in office, leaving the Islamic Republic’s hardline establishment facing an uncertain future.  
NFL’s Harrison Butker sends truth straight through the uprights
Butker’s sin, at least in the eyes of the far-Left, is refusing to keep quiet about the woke cancer eating its way through American culture.  
Revival of faith, spiritual questioning among Gen Zers in the UK
A new study reveals a significant shift in religious attitudes among Gen Zers in the United Kingdom, those born in 1997 or later, suggesting a potential revival of faith and increased spiritual questioning.  



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