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Biden Sweeps Sanders

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By: Christopher Cadelago – – March 17, 2020

“Workers need to continue to get a paycheck even when their businesses are shut down,” he said, calling it unacceptable that people would lose their homes or have utilities shut off.

The coronavirus has upended the race, forced the candidates to isolate themselves from voters.

Biden and Sanders are now regularly streaming events online instead of holding live rallies or town halls. Door-to-door canvassers are also trying to reach voters online.

After debating in a closed TV studio Sunday night, Biden urged supporters to take precautions when voting, while Sanders said he could understand if people, particularly seniors, felt uncomfortable going to the polls in person.

Should Sanders remain in the race, it could stretch late into the spring, given the growing number of states postponing their primaries.

Ohio had been scheduled to vote Tuesday, before officials forced a last-minute delay. OnGov. Mike DeWine announced Tuesday that he submitted a plan to set in-person voting on June 2. Absentee ballots would be accepted by elections officials in the meantime.

Ohio Democratic Party leaders want the date moved up sooner, with expanded opportunities for vote-by-mail and curb-side ballot drop-offs.

Three other states that were set to vote in several weeks, Maryland, Georgia and Louisiana, have also postponed primaries.

The states that went forward Tuesday offered few surprises.

Heading into the election, Biden had massive polling leads over Sanders in Florida, in large part from his strength among older voters and Sanders’ identity as a democratic socialist.

Biden’s advantage only grew after Sanders went on “60 Minutes” and again lauded Fidel Castro’s “massive” literacy programs. The question came because Sanders in 1985 talked about how Cubans didn’t “rise up in rebellion against Castro” because “he educated their kids, gave their kids health care, totally transformed society.”

Renewed focus on the comments cost him political capital with Cuban Americans and may have affected his standing with a broader segment of Latinos, a demographic he has spent considerable time courting.

In Illinois, Biden received a late endorsement from Gov. J.B. Pritzker and wasn’t in danger of losing.

And in Arizona, Biden was powered by a double-digit win in Phoenix and surrounding suburbs.

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Source: Biden sweeps Sanders in Illinois, Florida and Arizona – POLITICO

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