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Gary Bauer – End of Day – Middle East and Anti-Semitism

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By: Gary Bauer – ouramericanvalues.org – May 21, 2021

Yesterday a ceasefire was announced between the nation of Israel and the terrorist group Hamas. That’s good news. So, what about President Biden’s role in all of this?

First, he had absolutely nothing to do with the ceasefire, in spite of his efforts to act like he brokered it. He did not.

In fact, a strong case can be made that while the terrorist group Hamas is responsible for the violence, Biden’s weakness triggered the conflict. He did so by repeatedly signaling that he wasn’t going to stand with Israel as strongly as President Trump did.

  • Trump cut off funds to the Palestinian Authority because it was promoting terrorism and anti-Semitism. Biden gave the Palestinian Authority$235 million with no strings attached.
  • Trump named his ambassador to Israel a month before he took office. Biden still has not named an ambassador.  Israel’s enemies see that as a sign that our alliance with Israel isn’t that important to Biden.
  • Trump brokered peace treaties (the Abraham Accords) between Israel and five Arab nations. The Biden White House mocked those peace treaties, claiming President Trump did nothing in the Middle East.
  • Every day of the conflict, Iran urged Hamas to kill more Israelis. Incredibly, the Biden Administration remained at the negotiating table trying to cut a deal to give Iran billions of dollars.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed an end to the fighting, but he warned that any future aggression from Hamas would be met with “a new level of force.”

Rising Anti-Semitism

Unfortunately, the violence wasn’t contained to the Middle East. Throughout the course of this conflict, anti-Semitism has surged in Europe and here in the United States.

  • Jewish diners were attacked in Los Angeles.
  • An Orthodox Jewish man walking to his synagogue in Los Angeles was chased by two cars with Palestinian flags. The Jewish man was convinced his life was in danger as the people in the cars were chanting, “Allahu akbar!”
  • A Jewish man was attacked in broad daylight yesterday in Manhattan by a gang of seven masked pro-Palestinian thugs.
  • High-powered commercial fireworks were thrown at Jews in New York City’s Diamond District.
  • Meanwhile,CNN, the Washington Post and New York Times have given virtually no coverage to this sudden outburst of vile anti-Semitism.

It’s no coincidence that these disgusting attacks have spiked in the past two weeks as so-called “progressive” leaders have engaged in raw lies about Israel.

They have accused Israel of intentionally targeting civilians. That’s a lie. It’s Hamas that does that.

They accused Israel of starting the conflict. That’s a lie. Hamas started the conflict.

They have smeared Israel as an apartheid state. That’s a lie. Israel is the most diverse state in the Middle East.

To be clear, when a Jew is attacked in America, that’s not an anti-Israel statement. That’s an anti-Semitic attack. I happen to agree with Israel’s foreign policy. But whether you agree or disagree with Israeli policies, you have no right to physically harm a Jew.

I urge Christian pastors during this critical time to reach out to your local synagogue. Let them know that you are speaking out against anti-Semitism and praying for the peace of Jerusalem.

There is some drift among certain elements of Christianity regarding support for Israel, particularly among those who don’t view the Bible as the inspired word of God. Some of these “Christians” insist that Jerusalem must be given “back” to the Palestinians. They’re deeply misguided and dangerously wrong.

Jerusalem was the capital of the Israeli people when Washington, D.C., and London were still swamps. Islam did not exist until 600 years after the death of Jesus. Some Palestinian leaders argue that Jews were never in Jerusalem, that the Western Wall is not part of a synagogue, that Jews have no historical claim to David’s City.

Well, if Jews were never in Jerusalem, then the entire Christian Bible is a lie. So for Islamic supremacists, the effort to erase Jewish history from Jerusalem has the added benefit of erasing Christianity from the Holy Land too.

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