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Pray Without Ceasing for America

Pray without ceasing
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The Bible tells us to “pray without ceasing.” Our nation needs unceasing prayer in a year that’s been particularly difficult for many.

As COVID-19 cases spike again in many states, America needs prayer for health and safety. Government officials need prayer as they wrestle with difficult decisions about how to protect their economies and the health of their constituents. Partisan divisions are always high during presidential election years. With the added stress of a pandemic, racial tension, and often-untrustworthy information from news and government entities, we need prayer for unity, love, and grace for each other.

Please join me in praying these things over the United States of America. We’ve been through difficult seasons in the past, and God has been there to guide us through. Let us pray that through this difficult time, more Americans will turn to Him, and that our nation will emerge stronger and more unified than ever before.