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Your gift to Point of View will help defend your values in our society. Through your gift, you will help to equip almost 1.5 million listeners to be better prepared to engage the culture. Use the currency address below to give using cryptocurrency.

Giving with cryptocurrency may have significant tax benefits for you. Point of View cannot give you specific tax advice so you should consult the professional who advises you, especially since the tax laws regarding cryptocurrency are still being developed. Since the IRS views digital currency as stock, the full value of your gift at the time it is given is tax-deductible. And, you don’t have to pay capital gains taxes on the cryptocurrency you donate.

Please use the currency address below to send your gift. Be sure to use the appropriate address for the type of currency you plan to send. Using the wrong address will likely result in the loss of your gift. If you have questions or would like to donate using a different currency, please contact us at

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Please keep a record of the currency you send to Point of View. Your transaction will not send adequate contact information to allow us to provide a traditional acknowledgment for your gift.

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