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Today is a Time to Pray Together

Pray for America
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It’s hard to believe it’s already time for the National Day of Prayer.

So much has happened in the past year, and especially in the last few months. This year, I’m particularly grateful for this annual American tradition.

The National Day of Prayer officially began in 1952, but the tradition of praying as a nation goes back much further, to the first communities who settled here. Since our founding, Americans have recognized the importance of collectively asking God for his blessing and guidance.

We’re living in precarious times, but you already know that. The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting every American in some way, through illness, loss, financial struggle, disruption of daily life, or other hardship. Your family is not forgotten here at Point of View. We’re praying for you, and we ask that you join us in praying for America today, May 7, on the National Day of Prayer.National Day of Prayer Logo


Pray for our leaders, from the President to local city officials, who are tasked with making difficult decisions everyday — and for the people advising them. Pray for the healthcare workers and first responders who are working tirelessly on the frontlines to heal, protect, and serve. Pray for those who are battling the virus or looking for work. Of course, we can’t forget to pray for God’s will to prevail in the upcoming presidential election.

I believe this time of crisis can lead to a season of spiritual renewal for our beloved nation. Let’s pray for that to happen.

God bless America,

Kerby Anderson, Host
Point of View