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left_flag Monday, March 20
Monday, March 20, 2023
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The show today is hosted by Penna Dexter. Her first guest is Tamar Miller. As a pastor’s wife and mom of two teens, she brings us her new book, Odd Moms Out. In the second hour, Penna welcomes back Karen England from Capitol Resource Center. She will share about the Parental Rights Council.

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Penna Dexter
Penna Dexter
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Point of View Co-Host, Penna Dexter frequently sits in as guest host for Kerby Anderson. Her weekly commentaries air on the Bott Radio Network. Penna’s heart is in educating and encouraging Christians to influence the culture and politics. She has also served as co-host and commentator on other local issues-based radio programs. She worked as a consultant overseeing the launch and productionRead More

Tamar Miller Show Page
Tamar Miller
Pastor's Wife | Mother | Author
Tamar Miller is a pastor’s wife for 25 years and mom of two teenage sons. She is committed to her local church family in SW Florida where she serves in Women’s Ministry and as a Bible teacher. 
Odd Moms Out: God's Redemptive Grace in the Lives of Five Biblical Mothers
Odd Moms Out shares the stories of five biblical mothers central to the genealogy of Christ. Discover how God's grace can redeem a life and point to Jesus and the Gospel. Meet:
Tamar: twice-widowed and childless, she arranged an incestuous encounter with her father-in-law
Rahab: the prostitute who hid enemy spies to save her life
Ruth: the barren widow who cared for her mother-in-law in a foreign country
Bathsheba: the married woman who committed adultery with her husband's murderer
Mary: the pregnant woman engaged to a man who was not the biological father of her childTheir stories of hope will encourage and challenge you to trust your Savior and rely on His redemptive grace no matter what you face.
Karen England Show Page
Karen England
Executive Director and President - Capitol Resource Institute
Karen England serves as the Executive Director of the California-based Capitol Resource Institute, and she is also the founder and Director of Nevada Family Alliance in Nevada and Capitol Resource Institute of Tennessee. These non-profit organizations were created to advocate for traditional family values and to advance religious freedom wherever it is threatened. Karen has a long and successful history of mobilizing citizens throughout the public sphere – rallies, school board meetings, state legislatures, and through training workshops and seminars. Today, she is leading the fight against the radical leftist agenda that seeks to indoctrinate our children and dismantle any semblance of Judeo-Christian culture that remains. Karen’s passion for truth and her effectiveness in conveying this message has led to appearances on several national media outlets and publications including Tucker Carlson Tonight, The Ingraham Angle, World Net Daily, the Flash Report and the San Francisco Chronicle.
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