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left_flag Tuesday, November 10
Tuesday, November 10, 2015
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Penna Dexter is the host of today’s show. In this first segment we hear from Dr. Allen Unruh, he sheds light on on the Planned Parenthood lawsuit and the South Dakota abortion law. In the second segment  we hear from Jonathan Saenz, president of Texas Values, he tells us about the Houston Bathroom Bill.

The second hour of the show today is dedicated to prayer with emphasis on how we can pray for our nation, Lisa Holmes joins us  in studio and tell us more about Praying Two by Two and how prayer can change the world. In the final segment we hear from Lea Carawan, director of the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation, she warns that the separation of church and state is part of a liberal plan to “ruin America” and will be “the death knell for our nation.”

Penna Dexter
Penna Dexter
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Point of View Co-Host, Penna Dexter frequently sits in as guest host for Kerby Anderson. Her weekly commentaries air on the Bott Radio Network. Penna’s heart is in educating and encouraging Christians to influence the culture and politics. She has also served as co-host and commentator on other local issues-based radio programs. She worked as a consultant overseeing the launch and productionRead More

Dr. Allen Unruh
Pro-Life Activist
Dr. Allen Unruh has been a student of government since 1970. He became involved as a precinct leader when he first moved to Sioux Falls in 1975.

He has spoken throughout the state and nation on the pro-life issue. He and his wife Leslee founded the Alpha Center – a pregnancy care center reaching 6000 clients/year. They also started the national abstinence clearinghouse which has 1,800 affiliates and is in 118 foreign countries.

Dr. Unruh has been a delegate to 2 national Republican conventions 1984, and 1992. He was state chairman for Jack Kemp when he ran for president and also Pat Buchanan. He was given the Physician of the year award by the National Republican Congressional committee.

When the tea party movement first started he immediately took a leadership role organizing the first rally at Covel Lake, which was the only place in the US with a live re-enactment of the Boston Tea Party. Dr. Unruh prepared 5 minute speeches representing the actual words of the forefathers in reference to government tyranny. Forty five hundred people showed up for this event which was covered by all the media.
South Dakota lawmakers ask Supreme Court to reconsider Roe, Doe abortion rulings
A trio of South Dakota lawmakers presented a state-passed legislative resolution to the Supreme Court on Tuesday that asks the high court to reconsider — and overturn — its abortion rulings, including Roe v. Wade. ...
Jonathan Saenz
Jonathan Saenz
President - Texas Values
Jonathan M. Saenz, Esq., is the President of Texas Values, a nonprofit group dedicated to preserving and advancing a culture of family values in the state of Texas.

Prior to leading Texas Values, Jonathan headed the Liberty Institute offices at the Texas Capitol in Austin where he served as Director of Legislative Affairs and Attorney for Liberty Institute. He frequently presents research, analysis, and testimony before the Texas Legislature, State Board of Education, and other government entities on various issues affecting faith, family, and freedom.

Jonathan believes in religious liberty, sanctity of human life, family values, and constitutional rights and has been involved in numerous court cases, including cases before the Texas Supreme Court and the United State Supreme Court. Mr. Saenz helped lead the State Board Education battle to prevent censorship in the Science classroom and protect strong Social Studies & History teaching. He was instrumental in the passage of Texas laws to protect religious liberty, Bible Curriculum in Public Schools, “Under God” in the Texas pledge, the Sonogram Bill, and many others. He has help lead efforts to defend against attacks on parental rights, marriage, the elected State Board of Education, and abstinence sex education in the state of Texas.

Houston ‘bathroom bill’: Voters reject LGBT ordinance
Houston voters have rejected moves to enact protections for transgender and gay people after a divisive campaign that has lasted more than a year. The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance would have extended protection over housing, ...
Lisa Holmes
Speaker | Blogger
Lisa Holmes is the Co-ordinator of the Praying Two By Two website, an outreach to encourage and equip believers to pray for our nation, regularly and exclusively, in groups of two. She has led Bible studies for approximately 15 years, serves actively in a ministry as a mentor to younger women, and blogs for the Praying Two By Two blog, ReGod. She is passionate about her family, sharing the truth of God's Word in Bible study, and preserving and promulgating the free and open exercise of the Christian faith in the United States. She has a BA in English and an MBA, both from Southern Methodist University. She is married to Dave Holmes, and they have two adult daughters.
A Lizard Saved By Grace
My guest room doubles as a kind of makeshift office for me. This is the room where I go for my Quiet time, to pray, and often to work on Bible Study. One day not too long ago, I noticed, much to my horror, a lizard with me there.

Let me be very clear: I hate it when lizards get into my house. I don’t mind them so much outdoors, on their own turf, but not in my home! That’s my territory!
Lea Carawan
Director - Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation
Lea Carawan is the President and Executive Director of the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation, Inc. A non-partisan, non-profit organization established to unite and mobilize government leaders nationwide who are committed to protecting religious freedom and preserving America’s Judeo-Christian heritage. She is overseeing an extraordinary prayer movement promoted by nearly 900 national and state government leaders.



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