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left_flag Tuesday, October 15
Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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One of Point of View’s best Millennial Round Tables ever – hosted by Dr. Nick Pitts! Nick will jump right in to the show with Human Coalitions’s Chelsey Youman, Southern Baptists of Texas Conventions, Shane Pruitt, and our own Kerby Anderson. The final hour of the show Nick and Kerby will welcome Angela & Grace Anna Rodgers. They’ll discuss Grace Anna’s music, their advocacy for people with disabilities, and their new book, “Grace Anna Sings.”

Please call in or post questions on Facebook! Our phone number is  800-351-1212 and the Facebook link is: facebook.com/pointofviewradio.

Nick Pitts
Dr. Nick Pitts
Executive Director of the Institute for Global Engagement - DBU
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J. Nick Pitts serves as the Executive Director of the Institute for Global Engagement at Dallas Baptist University. Previous to this he held the position of Director for Cultural Engagement at Denison Forum on Truth and Culture. He came to the Denison Forum in 2014. He contributed to the Forum in the areas of geopolitics and popular culture, as wellRead More

Grace Anna Rodgers Show Page
Grace Anna Rodgers
Singer | Inspiration - Grace Anna Sings
At three years old, Grace Anna Rodgers’ rendition of “The StarSpangled Banner” went viral. Since then, millions have become endeared to her sweet spirit and happy personality, which she demonstrates through her speaking and singing. She has over 1.1 million fans on her Facebook page, Grace Anna Sings.

Grace Anna inspires others to live a joyful and happy life through her own journey, and she shares her story and songs across various social media platforms. Grace Anna lives with her brother and parents in Kentucky.
Grace Anna Sings: A Story of Hope through a Little Girl with a Big Voice
Often in life we feel beat down. Life has lost its joy and we want to give up. Then there is a light—a light from someone unexpected. A story so inspiring, we begin to wake up and dream again.

Before the birth Grace Anna, Angela experienced heartbreaking loss that left her seeking God’s guidance and healing to make it through each day. After Grace Anna’s birth, Angela went from being a science teacher to an advocate for her daughter. The Rodgers have gone through incredible highs and heartbreaking lows. But through it all, God has been their refuge and has blessed them with amazing, joyful lives.

Grace Anna will inspire you to:
+ Be the best you can be no matter your circumstances.
+ Make the choice to live, not just exist.
+ Be bold, be brave, and step out courageously.
+ Seek joy where there appears to be only darkness.
+ Experience simple, pure hope in a world that seems overwhelming.

Grace Anna’s inspirational journey has touched millions across the world and is proof that life is what you make it. Open your heart to God’s love and be uplifted through the courage, strength, and resilience of one of God’s tiniest warriors.
Angela Ray Rodgers Show Page
Angela Ray Rodgers
Mother | Advocate | Author - Grace Anna Sings
Angela Ray Rodgers is an advocate for people with disabilities and the author of Grace Anna Sings. She manages multiple social media pages with over 1.2 million followers and creates videos and stories along with her daughter, Grace Anna.
Angela serves on the HART Supported Living Grant Program Council and is an Arc of Kentucky Advocate in Action. She has spoken widely on the importance of inclusion in
communities and schools.
Angela is married to her husband, Jeff, and has two amazing children, Isaiah and Grace Anna. She resides in rural Casey County, Kentucky. Her hope for the future is for people of all abilities to be respected and welcomed in all aspects of life.
Kerby Anderson
Host - Point of View Radio
Kerby Anderson has more than 30 years of experience in ministry and currently serves as the President of Probe Ministries as well as Host of Point of View Radio Talk Show.

He graduated from Oregon State University and holds masters degrees from Yale University (science) and Georgetown University (government). He is the author of thirteen books including Signs of Warning Signs of Hope, Moral Dilemmas, Christian Ethics in Plain Language, A Biblical Point of View on Islam, A Biblical Point of View on Homosexuality, A Biblical Point of View on Intelligent Design, A Biblical Point of View on Spiritual Warfare, and Making The Most of Your Money in Tough Times. He is also the editor of many books including: Marriage, Family, & Sexuality and Technology, Spirituality, & Social Trends.

Kerby also serves as a visiting professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, Philadelphia Biblical University, and Temple Baptist Seminary. He has spoken on dozens of university campuses including University of Michigan, Vanderbilt University, Princeton University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Colorado and University of Texas.
Chelsey Youman
Chelsey Youman
Texas State Director & National Legislative Advisor - Human Coalition
Chelsey Youman, Esq., is Texas State Director & National Legislative Advisor for the Human Coalition. Human Coalition answers a common call: to do all they can to remove the stain of abortion from America. They are not simply against abortion, they are for life.

Formerly with First Liberty Institute, after working for a law firm in private practice, Youman received her Juris Doctor from Southern Methodist University, where she was a Dean’s Scholarship Recipient. She was also a member of the Board of Advocates, where she successfully argued in off-campus mock trial competitions, and was a member of the Aggie Law Society and SMU Christian Legal Society. During law school, she clerked for the Consumer Protection Division in the Office of the Attorney General of Texas and Liberty Institute.
Shane Pruitt Show Page
Shane Pruitt, PhD
Director of Evangelism - Southern Baptists of Texas Convention
Shane Pruitt and his wife, Kasi, live near Dallas, Texas, with their five children. Pruitt has been in ministry for more than 17 years as a denominational leader, church planter, and traveling communicator. He holds a B.S. in biblical studies and a PhD in Christian counseling. Shane serves as Director of Evangelism for the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention. A popular blogger, Pruitt has written for Relevant, Christianity Today, the Christian Post, ChurchLeaders.com and other online journals. A video showing their children celebrating the surprise arrival of one of their adopted siblings went viral and the story was covered on ABC News and Inside Edition, as well as many other media outlets.
Nick Daily Briefing
Daily Briefing
The Daily Briefing is a newsletter sent straight to your inbox every morning that provides biblical insight on today's news. This five-minute read gives an overview of the news driving the day and provides Nick Notes. These Notes offer biblical insight of the highlighted article. In essence, each note tries to answer this question: how should we think about this from a biblical perspective?
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Sponge Bob
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NBC Probs?
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Violent Video
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Trans Seeking to Reverse
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