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De-Woking A Prounoun

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Penna Dexter Thankfully, outgoing Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, four-star Army General Mark Milley’s end-of-tour award citation narrowly escaped the Pentagon’s wokification efforts before it was issued. General Milley retires at the end of September …

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Tell the EEOC to Keep Abortion Out of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

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The EEOC has proposed a new rule that will force most businesses to accommodate abortions for their employees. You can contact EEOC to express your thoughts about this proposed regulation before it becomes official. Last …

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Kerby Discusses WHO Withdrawal Act

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It’s time the US left the World Health Organization (WHO). If you agree, contact your US representative today and ask them to support H.R.79, the WHO Withdrawal Act. Contact your US Representative.

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