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left_flag Wednesday, November 19
Wednesday, November 19, 2014
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On Point of View today we have a full line-up of interesting guests. First up we have Bob Creson, president of Wycliff Bible Translators. He will be chatting about his book, The Finish Line. Dr. Peter Lillback, president of Westminster Theological Seminary will be talking about the relationship of the Christian faith to culture and the state. In the last half hour Kerby will speak with Gary Bauer, president of American Values who calls the recent terrorist attack on a Jerusalem Synagogue “Barbaric, Raw Evil”. Co-host, Penna Dexter will join Kerby in the second hour of the show.

Kerby Anderson
Kerby Anderson
Host, Point of View Radio Talk Show
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Kerby Anderson is host of Point of View Radio Talk Show and also serves as the President of Probe Ministries. He holds masters degrees from Yale University (science) and Georgetown University (government). He also serves as a visiting professor at Dallas Theological Seminary and has spoken on dozens of university campuses including University of Michigan, Vanderbilt University, Princeton University, Johns HopkinsRead More

Bob Creson
President - Wycliff Bible Translators
Bob was appointed president of Wycliffe Bible Translators USA in May of 2003. Since first joining the international work of Wycliffe in 1983, he has served in a variety of positions including leadership roles in Wycliffe Bible Translators International and SIL International, Wycliffe’s primary partner organization headquartered in Dallas, Texas.
The Finish Line: Stories of Hope Through Bible Translation
The Finish Line is about a family that leaves their home in Southern California and follows God's call to the other side of the world. It's about a Tennet man who walks a thousand miles to make sure his people group gets a Bible they can understand. It's about HIV and AIDS victims in Uganda who never knew hope until Scripture translated in their language gave them eternal hope.
Dr. Peter Lillback
President - Westminster Theological Seminary
Dr. Peter A. Lillback, a distinguished pastor, author and historian, is the President of Westminster Theological Seminary in Glenside, Pennsylvania. He first served as a member of the faculty at Westminster in 1981. He then returned as professor of historical theology and church history in 1986 and has been on the faculty ever since, also becoming president in 2005. He teaches courses covering a broad range of church history. . .
The Real State of the Union Conference
Hear all sessions of the Westminster Seminary Conference held at Briarwood November 9–10, 2014, including the two Question and Answer panels
Gary Bauer
Gary Bauer
President - American Values
Gary L. Bauer is a leading spokesman for pro-life, pro-family, and pro-growth values. Bauer served in President Ronald Reagan's administration for eight years, as Under Secretary of Education and Chief Domestic Policy Advisor. After leaving the Reagan White House, Bauer became president of the Family Research Council and a Senior Vice President of Focus on the Family.
Terrorist Attack on Jerusalem Synagogue
WASHINGTON, Nov. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Calling today's terrorist attack of Palestinians against worshipers in aJerusalem synagogue "barbaric, raw evil," former presidential candidate Gary Bauer, well-known for his advocacy of a strong relationship with Israel, ...
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