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Banning Videos

Violated - YouTube bans video
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What is the significance of YouTube deciding to ban all videos that are critical of the current vaccines? Dr. Michael Brown believes this was a bad decision, even though he explains that he is not an anti-vaxxer. He is more concerned with the issue of free speech and the free exchange of important information and ideas.

He begins by talking about his positive experience with the COVID videos that his ministry has posted online. YouTube, he says, has been totally fair with his ministry. This is exactly what freedom of speech is all about.

On the other hand, YouTube banned any video that claims that commonly used vaccines are ineffective. This was done to cut down on anti-vaccine content. He reminds us that there are videos that freely discuss what foods are or are not healthy, what diets are or are not healthy, what exercise regimes are or are not healthy, and what drugs for different illnesses are or are not healthy. The one limitation is there can be no open discussion about what vaccines are or are not healthy.

That is defined as misinformation. But he asks, “should a video with blatant misinformation about the Bible be permitted on YouTube, even if it will lead many people astray spiritually?” His answer is yes.

He raises questions about other topics that might be considered misinformation but again argues those videos need not be banned. But if you have a genuine, well-researched concern about vaccines in general or COVID vaccines in particular, your content will be banned.

YouTube has made any debate about these vaccines a special case. You can talk about the health benefits or health concerns of just about any food, diet, exercise regime, or pharmaceutical. But you dare not talk about the current vaccines. If you do, you will be banned. viewpoints new web version

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