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Critical Race Theory

Groothuis America, Critical Theory, and Social Crisis
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Many Americans probably never even heard of critical race theory until the Trump administration ordered the federal agencies to stop teaching programs based on it in the federal government. If you read articles about it, you might conclude that it is merely an anti-discrimination program. But the president went so far as to describe some of the government programs as “toxic propaganda.”

Since there is so much confusion about critical race theory, I invited Dr. Doug Groothuis on my radio program to talk about his recent article on “America, Critical Theory, and Social Crisis.” He begins his article (and his discussion on radio) by talking briefly about American ideals as a standard to evaluate critical race theory.

He points out that critical theory has its roots in cultural Marxism and is also tied to identity politics. You are defined by your group or intersection of your groups (intersectionality). You are either in power or out of power. If you are in power, you are automatically discredited. If you are underprivileged you are immune from criticism. This means that the claims of critical race theory are unfalsifiable. “It becomes impervious to counter-evidence and thus cannot be rationally defended.”

He goes on to explain that “the underprivileged can make demands, but they need not make arguments, since the whole system, including basic rationality, is rigged against them.” I think this explains why we hear proponents of critical race theory making statements without appealing to evidence and why they reject anyone trying to present evidence that might dispute their dogmatic statements.

He concludes by taking us back to black civil rights heroes who instead appealed to the highest ideals of America and called for necessary changes in society. That is the model we should use as we work to right wrongs in society and work for racial reconciliation.viewpoints new web version

Critical Race Theory

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