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Equip Real People to Apply Biblical Truth to Practical Life

Did you know that most Americans believe absolute truth is a myth?

This has major implications for the direction of our nation. If we want to bring light to our culture…if we want to point our neighbors back to Christ…we need to help people build a biblical worldview.

A biblical worldview helps people understand that there is truth, that God is the source of truth, and that His truth can be applied to every issue we face.

That is the message Point of View has broadcast to America for 50 years. It’s a message that changes lives.

“This ministry has literally changed lives and it’s changed America,” Michele Bachmann, former U.S. Congresswoman and presidential candidate, said of Point of View. “How do I know that? Because this ministry changed my own life.”

 “It took a biblical worldview and it showed me application in the current issues that were in the nation,” she said.

 Michele is just one person who not only experienced personal change, but also went on to influence many others because of Point of View. Her story is just one example of the countless ways a person’s life can change when they encounter biblical truth practically applied.

Right now, Point of View reaches hundreds of thousands of listeners every week. But there are still millions of Americans who have never heard a biblical worldview expressed before, let alone applied to real life. That’s why we want to raise $275,000 by December 31st—to reach more people in 2023! By giving generously to help us reach this goal, you will be directly involved in equipping real people to apply biblical truth to practical life.