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A $1000 Can Make a Difference

By: David French – –  December 21, 2017

The Republican tax relief should have helped working families more, but the help it does give is a meaningful improvement over the status quo.

Earlier this week, my family received a disturbing piece of junk mail. I’m used to getting simulated checks in the mail, advertisements for personal loans or potential home-equity loans with eye-popping numbers on the front. They’ll say, “This is not a check,” but they’re obviously beckoning you — hoping you’ll submit a loan application so the number becomes real.

This week, however, the envelope was marked “Holiday Cash,” and the amount on the check was lower. It was only $500. Moreover, it said “this is a real check.” All I had to do was endorse the back and cash it at a local bank. There was a catch, of course. I’d be instantly obligated to repay a short-term, high-interest-rate loan. I’d get cash now, and I’d pay much more later. But when a family can’t afford to pay for Christmas presents — or is short on rent — how many will sign that check and worry about the consequences next year?

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