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Avoiding Trump Impeachment 2.0

Demetrick Pennie
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By: Demetrick Pennie – americanthinker.com – February 22, 2020

Congressional elections have unintended consequences for the nation.  The Republican Party cannot afford to wake up on November 4, 2020 and find that it was a day late, and a district short, because of an unwillingness to go into Democrat-heavy districts to campaign for the black vote.  President Trump understands what is at stake for the upcoming election: if Republicans do not win the majority in the U.S. House, there will certainly be an overhaul of frivolous impeachment queries.

Unfortunately, many Republican loyalists have not yet acknowledged how a 2020 House defeat would signal Democrats’ call for Trump Impeachment 2.0.  The last two years of President Trump’s term have been marred by political scandal and investigation.  Many believe that the investigations were nothing more than an attempt to delegitimize President Trump’s presidency and to overturn the results of the 2016 election.  That rationale alone should prompt a call to action from the Republican Party to mobilize all of its assets, to ensure victory in every congressional race.

It’s time for the GOP to learn from past mistakes and stop relying on traditional strategies that obfuscate the big picture.  Simply focusing on battleground races in this upcoming election is not a winning strategy.  There are 435 seats in the U.S. House, and if the GOP is unable to claim 218 seats, then it is destined to see a repeat of the last two years.

President Trump has made it clear that winning back the U.S. House in 2020 is essential for fulfilling his Keep America Great agenda.  To accomplish that goal, President Trump acknowledged the importance of the black vote.  In 2016, 8% of black Americans supported President Trump, but recent messaging about the 2020 election suggests that he wants that number to be much higher.  In fact, in President Trump’s 2020 State of the Union address, he boasted about the historic decline in black unemployment, criminal justice reform, and the creation of opportunity zones to help improve black impoverished communities.

Twenty-eight percent of the 435 House districts in the U.S. are majority-minority districts, and none of them has a Republican infrastructure.  In theory, it sounds great to suggest that blacks will be racing to the polls because of President Trump’s policies.  In reality, black voters in the inner cities have tuned out those arguments because there are no relatable surrogates in their districts.  Based on my experiences in these areas, the only way to change ideas is to go directly to the people — a strategy the GOP has overlooked for over five decades.

In the upcoming 2020 elections, there are a few black Republican candidates running for congressional office.  However, there is only one race that has the potential to be a “dark horse” in the general election: Texas Congressional District 30.  For 27 years, Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D) has maintained control of Texas District 30.  Since the district’s creation, it has been faced with significant challenges, including increasing violent crime, failing schools, and low economic development, all of which now render the congressional seat vulnerable for the 2020 election.  For years, the constituents of District 30 have sought change, but no candidate has been strong enough to unseat the incumbent.  Ironically, during this 2020 election cycle, a Republican challenger stands to be that glimmer of hope for the constituents of District 30 and the GOP.The Republican Party has traditionally avoided investing in seats that are deemed “unwinnable” based on the Cook PVI.  To win back the House in 2020 and avoid Trump Impeachment 2.0, that strategy must change.  This means that the Republican Party should shift its focus to major-minority districts like mine and invest.  My race presents an unprecedented opportunity for the GOP to engage 50.8% of the Democrat-held black vote in the district, which could lend significant benefits to the GOP.  Aligning with President Trump’s initiative of garnering the black vote for the 2020 election, financially supporting my race will aid in accomplishing three primary goals: (1) helping to reach 218 House seats should any of the battleground races be lost, (2) allowing the GOP to change the narrative about diversity in the party, and (3) maximizing the potential to directly pull voters to President Trump based on direct messaging in the minority community.

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Source: Avoiding Trump Impeachment 2.0 – American Thinker