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Beware of Soros’s “Rented Evangelicals”

By: CHQ Staff – – October 17, 2018

As Soros-funded “ministers” are on buses through swing states to “flip Congress,” our friends with the American Association of Evangelicals (AAE) have just put out a 3-minute video, Soros’s “Rented Evangelicals.”* It provides a lot of info in a short time and is reaching many thousands of people each day through social media.

“Soros’s Rented Evangelicals” is a wake-up call that we urge you to share with your family, friends, church and club members to alert them to this assault on the Body of Christ.

This is a very complex story, however, as leaked documents obtained by our friends at AAE confirm, and as Rev. Jim Wallis of Sojourners eventually admitted, wealthy, anti-Christian foundations, following the lead of billionaire George Soros’s Open Society Foundation, fund and “rent” curious “evangelical” and “Catholic” “mascots” serving as deceptive validators for their causes. The consequent realities include injury to countless people, the Church, the family, nation and the global Church including many martyrs.

Consider some of the consequences of ‘Progressive’ political activism over the past few decades documented by AAE:

A growth industry trafficking in human baby organs and body parts, funded and defended by the Democratic Party.

The abandonment of a biblical view of marriage that protected and liberated children and adults from centuries of pagan slavery, poverty, polygamy and non-life-giving sexuality.

The Transgender agenda including gender “reorientation” of our children, also being forced on our neighbors, businesses, schools, military and churches.

Socialism, higher taxes and government regulations. These policies stifle human creativity, productivity, family stability and generosity. Such policies increase joblessness, welfare dependency and national debt.

Heightened racial division and tension, and the growing phenomenon of paid demonstrators being recruited and dispatched to instigate protests that often become riots.

Open borders and lawless ‘sanctuary’ cities increasing drugs, disease, crime, gangs and terrorism.

Amnesty efforts that attempt to give voting rights to millions of non-citizens, giving the results of our elections and nation’s future to many who disregarded our laws, customs, history, identity and values. This does not honor our long-standing tradition of legal immigration to those who come in good faith and to assimilate and bless America.

Forced refugee resettlement in hundreds of American cities without citizen consent, mandated by the Obama-era federal government in partnership with the United Nations. (Refugees were primarily non-assimilating Muslims, while authorities often reject persecuted Christians.)

Hostility towards Judeo-Christian religious liberty in our courts, large corporations, media and universities including the suppression of conservative speakers, free thought and moral education.

The growing recognition of a “Deep State” within our government, including ideological bureaucrats embedded in our DOJ, IRS, FBI and Department of State, that intimidates and seeks to subvert conservative, patriotic and Christian groups that disagree with the ‘Progressive’ political establishment.

After such demoralization and pain, asked AAE, why would any religious leader ask Christians to embrace, support or vote for a Progressive political agenda that is clearly anti-Christian?

When Hillary Clinton stated during a 2015 speech at the Women in the World Summit that religious beliefs “have to be changed,” she revealed the radical Left’s war on Christian believers and the Church.

And now the Religious Left claims that supporting such a view is the Christian thing to do? This is spiritual abuse of human beings, the family, the Church and the nation.


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Source: Beware Soros’s “Rented Evangelicals” 

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