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Biden’s Credibility Crisis

By: Gary Bauer – patriotpost.com – September 22, 2021

The past week has been a colossal disaster for Joe Biden. But if you’re listening to the “mainstream” media, you probably don’t realize just how bad it’s been.

President Biden was completely surprised by 15,000 Haitians showing up at our southern border. Like all the other illegal immigrants crossing our border, most are unskilled and will end up on welfare.

Virtually none of them are vaccinated, and many illegal aliens are refusing to be vaccinated. Joe Biden insists that you get vaccinated or lose your job. But he’s not forcing illegal aliens to get vaccinated, even in the middle of the pandemic.

Our ally France is so angry with Biden that it recalled its ambassador from Washington — for the first time ever! That’s a big deal — something usually done by nations on the verge of war. That’s how badly Biden is messing up our relationship with France.

How about COVID? Biden recently announced that he bought enough vaccines for a third booster shot for everyone, but he forgot to ask the scientists. Some scientists resigned in protest. There was even talk of a “mutiny” at the FDA. And the FDA mostly rejected Biden’s big push for booster shots because the science doesn’t support it.

His incompetence in Afghanistan has cost more lives. The Pentagon finally admitted that a U.S. drone strike killed 10 innocent Afghan civilians, including seven children. Strangely, the Pentagon still refuses to name the ISIS terrorists it supposedly killed in an earlier drone strike.

Finally, Biden tried to legalize millions of illegal aliens by jamming an amnesty provision into his deceptive infrastructure bill. Thankfully, the Senate parliamentarian blocked that outrageous move.

As Senator Marco Rubio put it:

“Joe Biden was elected on the promise that he was going to return normalcy, competency to the American government… And what you see now is a cascade of calamities and disasters, and they were all created by him and by actions he took.”

And you know it’s really bad for Joe Biden when a liberal Democrat like NBC’s Chuck Todd agrees, saying that Biden’s “got a pretty big credibility crisis on his hands.”

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Source: Gary Bauer: Biden’s Credibility Crisis | The Patriot Post

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