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Can’t Accept Post-Pandemic Return to Normal

LA Residents wearing masks outside
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By: Noah Rothman – nationalreview.com – March 16, 2023

Gallup’s pollsters published a troubling discovery on Tuesday in a survey asking American adults how they were coping with post-pandemic life: For a shocking number of Americans, there is no such thing as post-pandemic life.

In the last week of February, only 33 percent of Americans said their life “is completely back to normal,” post-Covid, up modestly from October’s 31 percent. Another 20 percent said that while returning to the status quo ante was possible, it hadn’t happened for them yet. But most — 47 percent — said their lives had not returned to normal and never would.

Partisanship plays a substantial …

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Source: Democrats Can’t Accept ‘Normal’ Post-Pandemic | National Review