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COVID-19: First Liberty Institute Responds to Unconstitutional Attack

tucker carlson-4-10-20
By: Tucker Carlson – – April 2020

Kelly Shackelford and First Liberty Client Pastor Charleston Hamilton of King James Bible Baptist Church (“KJBBC”) join Tucker Carlson to discuss how the attacks against “drive-in” worship services in Greenville, Mississippi are unconstitutional.

During a Good Friday service held in the KJBBC parking lot, elderly worshippers were fined and threatened with going to jail for attending in their cars. Unable to meet in-person, KJBBC creatively chose to utilize a “drive-in” method of holding church services while still strictly adhering to CDC guidelines.

And for that they were punished and threatened.

Even though we are in the midst of a pandemic, it is essential that we protect religious liberty. And while we will tolerate temporary state-mandated restrictions for the sake of demonstrating love for our fellow man, we will not—nor should not—tolerate churchgoers being ticketed by the police for following CDC guidelines at church.

This has to stop now.

First Liberty’s team of legal experts is on the front lines of this crucial fight to ensure that our rights to religious freedom are not compromised.

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Source: COVID-19: FLI Responds to Unconstitutional Attack | First Liberty

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