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Davos and the World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab
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By: Noah Rothman – nationalreview.com

Far from a global cabal cooking up a grand conspiracy, the World Economic Forum is a display of elite impotence.

For a certain paranoid sort — a growing contingent, since paranoia has become such a lucrative enterprise — international gatherings of elites are a threat. Exclusive confabs that attract the world’s wealthiest and most powerful are assumed to be where the geopolitical agenda is set, often in opposition to the interests of ordinary people. But the true secret of these conventions isn’t the exquisite competence with which they conspire to subvert the people’s will. The big secret, which is hidden in plain sight, is that these masters of the universe make profound embarrassments of themselves in these surroundings in much …

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Source: World Economic Forum is Cringe | National Review