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Feminists are Angry That Abortion is Not Considered a Human Right

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Feminists are Angry That Abortion is Not Considered a Human Right

By: Steven Ertelt – lifenews.com – March 1, 2018

It would seem the killing unborn children in abortion would be the ultimate denial of human rights.

But feminists around the world think that abortion should be considered a human right. They are not content to legalize abortion, they want abortion to be considered a fundamental human right so any sort of denial of abortion is a denial of a human right that governments can’t tolerate. That allows the pro-abortion movement to force pro-life medical workers to do abortions refer for them and it allows them to force taxpayers to fund abortions, for example. It also allows governmental bodies like the UN to push pro-life nations to legalize abortion.

For years, feminists have been attempting to get the United Nations to make abortion human right. They have failed and they are failing once again much to their chagrin.

Here is more information about the latest from one pro-life organization that works closely at the United Nations to monitor pro-life activity:

Widely agreed-upon human rights categories include freedom of religion, assembly, political self-determination, and many others. In recent decades, efforts have been underway to exponentially expand human rights to include more controversial categories such as abortion and contraception.

Some State Department employees have gone anonymously to the left-leaning online publication Politico to claim that presumed human rights to abortion and sexuality are under attack in the annual report being prepared now.

Of chief concern to the State Department leakers is a passage in the report that refers to women’s “access” to contraception and abortion.

An anonymous State Department employee told Politico, “This sends a clear signal that women’s reproductive rights are not a priority for this administration, and that it’s not even a right violation we must or should report on.”

Abortion advocates in the State Department are also concerned that the report will back off on reporting “unmet need” for modern means of contraception as a human rights category. “Unmet need” was never a human rights category, but rather it was used by international development experts, some of whom have since repudiated it.

Likewise, the term “reproductive rights” does not appear in any UN human rights treaty and when it was defined in UN documents in 1994 and 1995, it did not include a right to abortion.

The report has been issued over the past eight years by left-of-center political appointees of the Obama administration and their allies among the permanent staff at the State Department. Such ideological advances are thought by some to be irreversible no matter who occupies the White House and the reins of power at the State Department.

Human rights experts point out that attempts to expand human rights to include areas that are not agreed upon has had the inevitable result of watering down and harming well-established human rights dating back to the founding of the United Nations. If the powerful governments like the United States assert abortion as a human right even when nations have not agreed to it, then it is much easier for totalitarian regimes to reject the most basic human rights such as life, liberty, security of person and freedom of religion.

The fight will undoubtedly continue.

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Source: Feminists are Angry That Abortion is Not Considered a Human Right