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Fetal Body Parts for Sale

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“A lot of people want liver.” So says Planned Parenthood’s director of medical services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, between bites of what one must assume are fava beans and sips of a nice Chianti, Dr. Nucatola doing a fair impersonation of Dr. Lecter. She did not know she was being recorded, and that the tissue-procurement firm with which she thought she was doing business was an undercover investigator from the Center for Medical Progress.The abridged version is horrifying, and the full footage is not exculpatory.

Trafficking in fetal body parts is a federal crime, and of course Planned Parenthood denies that it is involved in any such thing. A spokesman for the organization, Eric Ferrero, says that Planned Parenthood doesn’t sell pieces of dismembered children for profit, but instead is “reimbursed” for them. This is true in the sense that the women who work at escort services are paid for their time and companionship, and that storefront psychics offer their services “for entertainment purposes only.” Nucatola’s blasé butcher’s banter makes it clear that this is a competitive market and that supply and demand, not Planned Parenthood’s expenses, is what sets prices. Read More

Source: Kevin D. Williamson, http://www.nationalreview.com