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Gaza Media Coverage Is Backward

Journalists observe as smoke rises over Gaza
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By: Jessica Hornik Evans –  nationalreview.com – June 2024

Hamas gets the benefit of the doubt and Israel doesn’t, time after time. Something’s wrong with this picture.

The Western press’s coverage of the war between Israel and Hamas has it all backward.

Hamas is treated as a credible source — even a partner. It’s trusted to provide accurate information and to adhere to international norms regarding humanitarian treatment and the rules of engagement.

Israel, on the other hand, is treated as a bad-faith actor. Its every statement is doubted. Some journalists appear to operate from a position best summed up as: When in doubt, assume Israel has committed a crime against humanity .

In other words, the press treats the sovereign nation as a terrorist cell and the terrorist cell as a sovereign …

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Source: Israel at War: Media Coverage of the Gaza War Is Completely Backward | National Review