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Man Who Helps Conservatives 

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By: Ginni Thomas – dailycaller.com – June 3, 2017

The left is using mob tactics to publicly “harm” conservative leaders, but one successful crisis communicator and digital forensics expert is working to shut down these liberal attacks.

Brian Glicklich is best known as the digital forensics expert who successfully stopped the “Hush Rush” conspiracy intended to censor or force Rush Limbaugh out of business. “If you don’t adhere to the left’s orthodoxy, they will seek to harm you,” said Glicklich in an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation.

His role is to “assist high-profile individuals and businesses strategize and execute to use digital spaces effectively and quickly when stakes are high and real results are imperative.”

“Rush Limbaugh is, to my mind, one of the greatest communicators in broadcast history,” says Glicklich. We know, he says, that the leadership of Media Matters has plans to attack every figure on the right in the media using threats, intimidation, harassment and smears.

What Glicklich did for Limbaugh is straightforward. He started with thorough research. Then he exposed the activists who craved anonymity, finding a tiny number of haters who used computer-generated tricks to appear to be massive numbers arrayed against Limbaugh. He revealed their names and exposed their own hypocrisies, calming the targeted advertisers.
With confidence and understatement, Glicklich says, we were able to “exact a price of public conversation for their participation” and “we found that many of them were not willing to pay that price.”

As for the biggest current target for the left, Glicklich says President Donald Trump “is his own best spokesman,” but he would simply advise the administration to consider ways to deny the left what they want, in terms of a reaction, from Trump.

Glicklich adds in the interview, “we have not yet taken communication leadership,” as for why it doesn’t seem as if Republicans won at the ballot box last fall.

Ultimately, we win in this information warfare battle when our leaders can shift enough resources away from reacting defensively too, instead, promoting our vision demonstrating values which resonate with the majority of Americans. If we can’t stop these mob tactics, he warns, we will normalize the weaponization of power against political adversaries, as former President Barack Obama employed, as well as destroy the rule of law that grants equal treatment rather than two sets of rules.

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Source: Man Who Helps Conservatives When The Left Attacks