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Michele Bachmann – United Nations

General Assembly Hall, UN
By: Leo Hohmann – – October 11, 2017

As she stood before the faithful at Skyline Church in San Diego, former U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann cut right to the chase.

She described her new position as the church’s pastor to the United Nations in succinct terms.

“We are taking this unbelievably audacious step of going to the U.N. I don’t know of a darker, more deceived place on Earth than the U.N. because, as we saw at the Tower of Babel, that’s probably the last time we saw all the nations of the Earth come together in a moment of deception,” she said.

She went on to explain God’s response as laid out in the book of Genesis.

“They were dispersed,” she said. And God confounded their ability to communicate via the same language.

Bachmann told WND in an exclusive interview this week that she hesitated for weeks when offered the job of heading up the new U.N. ministry envisioned by Skyline’s senior pastor, Jim Garlow.

She said it took a lot of soul searching and prayer before she accepted.

That’s because Bachmann admits she’s never had any love for the United Nations as an organization, citing the policies that emanate from the global body, which are mostly globalist and socialist in nature.

She sees the concept of global governance as put forth by the U.N. as antithetical to the world’s natural order.

“Their goal has been from the very beginning the creation of a one-world order – not a one-world order under the umbrella of the Holy Spirit, but man’s attempt at a one-world order,” she said in announcing her new endeavor to the church several weeks ago. “That only brings about chaos, confusion, deception, delusion, pain. And that’s when, rather than cursing the darkness, Skyline Church is about to light a candle.”

She held the first prayer and worship service at the U.N. last week and it’s her goal to make that a weekly occurrence. Every week, she hopes to lead prayer for one of the world’s 193 nations with information provided on a new website at

“We raised 20 kids and now everyone is grown, gone, launched. So the time to be fruitful is now,” Bachmann told WND.

Out of her comfort zone

But stepping into a ministry role at the U.N. is a step that didn’t come naturally or easily for the conservative Republican from Minnesota.

While in Israel on June 7 delivering a keynote speech at the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, she was approached by pastor Garlow.

He told her he thought she would be the perfect person to launch the new ministry he had in mind – to the United Nations. He sees the U.N. as a unique and timely opportunity to reach the nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bachmann flatly rejected Garlow’s offer, saying she’d never been to the U.N. and had no interest.

“I looked at him and I said, ‘No dice. I’m not your man,’ because frankly I’ve never been a big fan of the United Nations because of the policies that come out of it and I just thought the last thing I ever wanted to do was go to the U.N.,” she said.

He asked Bachmann to pray about it anyway, and she reluctantly agreed.

What happened from there was nothing short of miraculous.

“The Holy Spirit began to work on me, and He wore me down,” she said.

As Bachmann wrestled with God over the offer, she came to a realization.

She said God “broke her heart” for the nations in a way she’d never experienced before.

“God loves the nations, he loves individuals but he also loves nations. It is amazing to me how much the nations are mentioned in scripture. Deuteronomy 32:8 says when he created the nations he established boundaries,” said Bachmann, who recently rented an apartment about a block away from U.N. headquarters in New York.

“That says to me that this mass migration that we’re seeing [endorsed by the U.N.], primarily of Muslims into the West, this is not natural, not a normal thing,” she said. “It may be a natural part of hijra, from the perspective of Islam, but not according to the Bible.”

And Psalm 33 says “Great is the nation whose God is the Lord.”

“The prophet Isaiah instructed us to pray for the nations and told us how to pray [in Isaiah 62],” Bachmann said.

The prophet Joel also referred to nations, in Joel 3:14:

“Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision! For the day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision.”

U.N. obsessed with Israel

Bachmann believes Jesus further interpreted Joel 3:14 when he foretold in Matthew 25 that in the last days the nations would be divided into two groups, the sheep nations and the goat nations.

“There is nothing God wants more for the nations than for them to come to Him and be blessed,” Bachmann said. The nations are missing out on that blessing because they refuse to do the one thing He commanded for all nations to do, and that is to “bless Israel,” she said. This is what divides the sheep from the goats.

And there is no global forum where it’s more popular to be a “goat” than at U.N. headquarters in New York City.

“The United Nations has beat up on no other nation like the nation of Israel. Since its inception in 1948, the State of Israel has been the subject of dozens of derogatory U.N. resolutions,” she said. “No other nation has incurred the wrath of the U.N. like Israel, just continuously bashing them year after year.”

Bachmann bumped into Garlow again a few weeks later during a meeting this summer of President Trump’s executive faith advisory board, where both serve as advisers to the White House.

He pulled her aside and asked if she’d had time to think about his offer to head up a new ministry to the United Nations, which he calls the Hammarskjold Society, named after Dag Hammarskjold, the second secretary general of the U.N.

‘Find me some intercessors!”

She accepted the position, but only under one condition.

“I told him he had to find me some strong, mature Christians who had my back in prayer, to be intercessors,” Bachmann said. “Anyone who has ever been on the mission field knows they are going in with the light of the gospel and they have to ask God to go in before them to open doors, so that’s what we’re praying for.”

To see the remainder of this article and a 2 minute video of Michele talking about her new position as ‘pastor to the United Nations,’ click read more.

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Source: Well-known opponent of U.N. now has U.N.-related job – WND

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