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National Pro-Life Groups Join Girl Scout Boycott

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A small pro-life group in Waco, Texas, that plans to boycott Girl Scout cookies to protest the girls’ organization’s ties to Planned Parenthood and abortion has been joined by other national pro-life groups.

John Pisciotta, head of Pro-Life Waco, has received support for the boycott from a number of national pro-life groups and leaders, including the American Life League, the Pro-Life Action League, the Radiance Foundation, LifeNews, Operation Rescue, blogger Jill Stanek, the National Black Pro-Life Union, the Issues4Life Foundation, and Life Coalition International.

Ryan Bomberger of the Radiance Foundation, who recently gave the keynote address at the March for Life Rose Dinner in Washington, D.C., is a champion for adoption over abortion.

“The Girl Scouts still proclaim to be honest and courageous, while denying their continual collaboration with the nation’s largest and undeniably dishonest abortion chain,” Bomberger told Breitbart News. “Abortion doesn’t make the world a better place, unless you agree with the deeply racist and elitist pseudoscience of eugenics – the foundation of Planned Parenthood.”Read More

Source: Dr. Susan Berry, www.breitbart.com