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Standing With Israel – Gary Bauer

Israel's 70th anniversary
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By: Gary Bauer – cwfpac.com – May 4, 2018

Standing With Israel

It’s been a busy week, my friends! I was at the White House twice this week, and this morning I was honored to attend a Christian solidarity event at the Israeli Embassy. I joined hundreds of Christian leaders demonstrating our support for the Jewish state.

We were there at the invitation of Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer. If you have never seen Ambassador Dermer defending Israel on TV, you are really missing out. He is exactly the fearless, unapologetic advocate that Israel needs right now.

The Jewish state is making headlines as it prepares to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the modern state of Israel. Of course, Christians know that Jews have a connection to the land of Judea and Samaria that dates back thousands of years.

I am pleased to report that after eight years of the most anti-Israel administration in America’s history, today we have the most pro-Israel administration in America’s history! The Trump/Pence team stands 100%, shoulder-to-shoulder with Israel.

Donald Trump has demonstrated his commitment to Israel by keeping a promise every recent president has made but broken — the U.S. Embassy is moving from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem this month!

My friends, the U.S.-Israeli alliance has never been stronger — and never more necessary. The threats to Israel’s existence are growing by the day. As Prime Minister Netanyahu’s dramatic address demonstrated, as the attempted drone attack from Syria proves, as the ayatollah’s vitriolic rhetoric confirms — the Islamic Republic of Iran means to annihilate Israel.

Please join me in praying for the peace of Jerusalem.

Fake News

Yesterday, NBC News reported that two reliable government sources, whom NBC has relied on before, told them that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had wiretapped Michael Cohen phones and at least one call from the White House had been intercepted.

For hours, there were streaming headlines about the White House being “in chaos,” “scrambling” and “under fire.” Some people blamed these reports for a 400 point drop in the stock market early in the day.

Hours later, however, NBC issued a retraction. The phone calls were not tapped. Instead, a pen log was kept of calls going into and out of Cohen’s phones in real time. In other words, Mueller knew who Cohen was calling and who was calling Cohen. But he did not have a recording or transcript of what was said on any calls.

Yesterday’s report is reminiscent of a dozen similar fake news stories on Russia. And that’s why so many Americans don’t trust the liberal media.

The Prosecutor vs. The President

As you know, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is acting more like a grand inquisitor these days, wants to force President Trump to testify before his team of Clinton lawyers. Mueller is even threatening to subpoena the president if he does not comply. Can he do that?

Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy discussed this issue on Fox News this morning. He said Mueller can try to subpoena anyone he wants. But there is a bar that must be met in any situation.

When it comes to the president of the United States, that bar is extraordinarily high. And Mueller would have to justify it to his bosses at the Department of Justice, which would be Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Here’s what McCarthy said:

“They should not, at the Justice Department, allow Mueller to even request an interview [with the president] unless they can show that there is a serious crime, that President Trump is somehow complicit it in it, and that President Trump has information that the special counsel can’t get from any other source. If they can’t show those things, the Justice Department should not allow Mueller to even request an interview.”

If Mueller tries to subpoena the president, Trump could invoke executive privilege. Now we’re in the courts, and the president’s fate could depend on what side of the bed Justice Kennedy gets up on.

By the way, Mueller’s legal team ran into a buzzsaw this morning. Judge T.S. Ellis seemed extremely skeptical of Mueller’s authority to prosecute Paul Manafort, suggesting that the special prosecutor was really just trying to damage President Trump.

Left-wing Hate

It’s no secret that the gods of Silicon Valley are trying to silence conservatives. Remember how Diamond and Silk, the pro-Trump sisters, were kicked off Facebook?

Twitter is routinely accused of shutting down conservative accounts, and Google censored Dennis Prager’s conservative videos because it didn’t like the subject matter.

That’s why I recently joined dozens of conservative leaders in a public statement calling on the tech giants to prove their commitment to tolerance by respecting the free speech rights of millions of Americans who may not necessarily think like they do.

Well, here’s the latest example of Big Tech’s bias against conservatives.

Amazon recently launched a new program called AmazonSmile. It allows users to donate a portion of their purchases to a non-profit organization. The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), however, was banned from the list of participating charities in AmazonSmile.

Why? Here we go again. . . Amazon relies on the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to identify so-called “hate groups.”

The SPLC is a left-wing hate group! It hates conservatives, and it is has smeared pro-life, pro-family, Christian groups for years as if they were the equivalent of the KKK.

The ADF is one of the finest Christian legal groups in the country. It is one of the top litigators on matters of religious liberty. Would the Supreme Court really allow a “hate group” to regularly argue cases before the justices? I don’t think so.

And Amazon shouldn’t be taking directions from one.

Good News

Unemployment fell to 3.9%, the lowest level in nearly 18 years. Black and Hispanic unemployment are at record lows.
The Associated Press acknowledges President Trump is right — liberal judges are biased against him.
Senate Majority Leader McConnell says confirming conservative judges is a top priority.
President Trump recently ordered a review of federal education policy seeking to root out “overreach by the federal government” and return power to state and local governments.
President Trump’s approval rating stands at 51%.
Democrats are losing battleground Senate races.

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