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Tax Increases With Democrat Victories?

Pelosi - tax increases?
By: Guy Benson – – April 05, 2018
Nancy Pelosi didn’t have a great day yesterday, making an embarrassing, ‘Anchorman’-style mistake on social media, then handing Republicans another ready-made attack line against Democrats heading into the fall.  On the Twitter faux pas, it looks like she or somebody on her staff was supposed to tag a tweet with names or handles of certain individuals prior to publication — but that somebody must have missed the memo.  Oops:
Nancy Pelosi
@Team Pelosi
I’m joining (tag officials and tax march) for a
#GOPTaxScam teach-in. TUNE IN
2:26 PM – Apr 4, 2018
Alex Smith
Pelosi bot malfunction
1:31 PM – Apr 4, 2018
That’s a silly mistake, akin to this error, that’s basically straight out of Veep.  Less of a laughing matter, however, was Pelosi’s strong implication that if they win in the fall, her party will seek to repeal the totality of the GOP-passed tax law and start from scratch:
NTK Network
WATCH: Nancy Pelosi said that Democrats would indeed repeal the GOP tax law if they are successful in retaking the House in November.
Pelosi: Democrats Will Repeal the GOP Tax Law When We Retake the House
“It’s not about chipping at this piece or that piece it’s about a comprehensive look at what our tax policy should be for the future.”
3:18 PM – Apr 4, 2018
The moderator of the event asked Pelosi if Democrats would re-write the tax bill from scratch or focus on reversing specific elements. “One of our complaints about what they did with the tax bill is they did it in the dark of night with the speed of light,” Pelosi said…“We’ll sit down at the table and say … what would be a tax bill that creates growth, that creates good paying jobs as it reduces the deficit?” Pelosi said. “It’s not about chipping at this piece or that piece, it’s about a comprehensive look at what our tax policy should be for the future.”
Uprooting the entire tax law would inflict massive tax increases on nearly every American family. Approximately nine-in-ten taxpayers are experiencing a reduction in their tax burden thanks to the new policy, on which every last Democrat in Congress voted ‘no.’  Republicans’ parallel programs of de-regulation and tax relief have helped fuel and sustain a sizzling US economy, the positive effects of which are simply undeniable.  Voters, who are quite wary of President Trump overall, recognize this, and have rewarded him with much stronger marks on taxes and the economy than on other fronts.  Public support for tax reform has flipped from badly upside-down to right-side-up, as Democratic myths and demagoguery have been disproven in real time by people’s lived reality — even as people like Pelosi sneer at the progress.  Talking about undoing tax reform means that Democrats are willing to hammer families, individuals and small businesses with tax increases, including the overwhelming majority of middle income households.

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Source: Pelosi: If We Win, We’re Going to Turn Back the Clock By Repealing the New Law and Massively Increasing Taxes

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