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The IRS Scandal

IRS sign
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By: Paul Jacob – townhall.com – December 24, 2017

“They’ve been burned. They’ve been hammered. They’ve been bludgeoned,” George Washington University law professor Miriam Galston explains to the Washington Post. “They’re trying to survive.”

In this heartbreaking discussion during this special time of year, the “they” are the poor, long-suffering folks . . . at the Internal Revenue Service.

It is a terrible, too-long-ignored scandal, which should tear at the heartstrings of every American.

“Years of conservative attacks on the Internal Revenue Service have greatly diminished the ability of agency regulators to oversee political activity by charities and other nonprofits . . .” posits the recently published Post analysis.

Apparently, it is all part of a scheme by “conservatives” to “scale back the IRS and shrink the federal government.” They write as if that were a bad thing.

You see, the Post argues, conservatives “capitalized on revelations in 2013 that IRS officials focused inappropriately on tea party and other conservative groups based on their names and policy positions . . . Among conservatives, the episode has come to be known as the ‘IRS targeting scandal.’”

Did you get that? There was no scandal — just an “episode.”

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