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Tweet of Inhumane Conditions from Obama Years

Democrat's tweet
By: Timothy Meads – – July 11, 2019

Well, that’s embarrassing for the Democrats. In an attempt to slam what they view as President Donald J. Trump’s inhumane treatment of illegal aliens and migrant children, the Democratic House Oversight Committee tweeted a picture of an overcrowded detention center. The only problem with this photo is that it was taken during President Barack Obama’s term in office.

“Last week, members of our committee visited a detention center at the southern border and discovered grotesque treatment of children,” the tweet from Tuesday afternoon said. “This week, we are examining the inhumane treatment of the children in these detention centers.”

The 2020  Trump campaign war room quickly responded, saying, House Democrats are promoting their ‘civil rights’ hearing on ‘kids in cages’ and ‘inhumane treatment’ with a photo from 2014, when Joe Biden was Vice President. So dishonest!”

Trump War Room 
House Democrats are promoting their “civil rights” hearing on “kids in cages” and “inhumane treatment” with a photo from 2014, when Joe Biden was Vice President. So dishonest!

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Trump War Room ✔
Here in red is the portion of the 2014 photo used by House Democrats today.
AP FACT CHECK: 2014 photo wrongly used to hit Trump policies 
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The House Dems subsequently deleted the tweet after realizing their error. This is not the first time leftists have shot themselves in the foot while using Obama era photos to trash President Trump. As I’ve previously reported…”the conditions in these detention centers have arguably stayed the same or in some cases worsened. But, the current day reactions to the photos prove that the left’s contrived condemnation, while ignoring the issue under President Obama, is nothing more than anti-Trump posturing rather than genuine concern for the plight of the migrants.”

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Source: House Dems Tweet Photo Of ‘Inhumane’ Detention Centers…Then Delete Post After Realizing It Was Under Obama.

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