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War on Women?

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Washington, D.C.- Concerned Women for America President and CEO, Penny Nance, responds to the wave of conservative females elected in 2014 midterm elections: “Let it settle in that the youngest woman elected to Congress is pro-life. The first African American Republican woman elected to Congress is pro-life. The first female veteran elected to the Senate is pro-life.

“Last night was a historical night for conservative women. Elise Stefanik of New York became the youngest woman ever to be elected to Congress, taking over a Democratic House seat in upstate New York. She won by a whopping 22 points. Mia Love of Utah became the first black Republican woman elected to Congress. Joni Ernst of Iowa became the first woman to represent Iowa, Iowa’s first female senator, and the first female veteran in the history of the U.S. Senate. Read_More_button

Source: Concerned Women For America