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Why Democratic Socialism Won’t Work

Bet on Bernie poster ripped in half -March 13, 2016

Ever wonder how Bernie Sanders‘ brand of “democratic socialism” differs from socialism in general, which has wreaked havoc all over the world?

The short answer is: only by degree. Progressives of all stripes work to establish “equality” by empowering governments. The difference is their place on the axis of forced egalitarianism.

Like other democratic socialists, the Vermont Democrat rejects communism, National Socialism (Nazis), fascism and other variants as anti-democratic. The democratic socialists insist that they can preserve human liberties while forcing everyone into communal economic arrangements. The key is to have “the people” collectively make all important economic decisions.

I ask: Have you ever been on a small committee? Can you imagine trying to get collective agreement on literally millions of economic decisions made by people every day? This is why top-down systems don’t work.

Informed by their Christian faith, America’s Founders were under no delusions about people’s propensity for misbehavior. So they labored to create a government that held human life in the highest regard (eliminating slavery came later) while denying too much power to any one person or group.

Whatever its trappings, socialism’s underlying philosophy is dangerously wrong. Its mainspring is envy, coupled with a profound misunderstanding of human nature as perfectible; we just need the right system.

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Source: ROBERT KNIGHT: Democratic socialism cannot work in America – Washington Times

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