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Will 2018 Be The Year of Internet Money?

Jim Paris Bitcoin
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By: Jim Paris – christianmoney.com – November 12, 2017

I am always on the lookout for article ideas, and that was the case in 2012 when I heard about a new kind of Internet money called Bitcoin. The idea of a computer software program replacing everyday paper money sounded more than a little crazy, but I was just looking for an article topic and it filled the bill. At that time a Bitcoin was worth $12 – today the value is more than $6,000!
A few months after I wrote that first article on Bitcoin I received an e mail from a Christian family that shared with me that they had gotten in on Bitcoin when it was just a few pennies in value. They ended up selling half of their Bitcoin when the price had first gone above $1,000. Their haul was so big that they paid off all of their debts, including their home. What excites me is the idea that someone can turn a small amount of money into this kind of life changing wealth (talk about a fulfilling the command of being a good steward!).

The Chart Below From Coinbase Shows The Meteoric Rise …

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