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Are You Protected?

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Religious Protections Guide

Liberty Institute is committed to defending your religious liberty rights and ensuring that faith-based entities are protected by the First Amendment’s guarantees of free speech, expression and the free exercise of religion.

In a world where hostility toward religion is on the rise, it’s not a matter of if but when religious institutions will be faced with damaging, anti-religious legal attacks.  That’s why Liberty Institute now offers free-of-charge Religious Liberty Templates and Guides to religious institutions—including churches and synagogues, faith-based charities, orphanages, shelters, sororities, fraternities and faith-based for-profit companies.

We want to help protect churches and faith-based organizations from legal and financial ruin from individuals and organizations that are offended by traditional religious viewpoints and seek to litigate employment or discrimination claims to further a larger political or cultural agenda.

Liberty Institute’s “best of class” constitutional attorneys are trained to identify risks and develop solutions for churches and religious institutions.   We created Religious Liberty Templates and Guides for churches, schools, and organizations to use as a resource in drafting bylaws, articles of incorporation, employment manuals, discipline policies, and other corporate documents to try to avoid risk exposure.  You may utilize the language that we have provided verbatim in amending or drafting your own governance documents.

The Religious Liberty Templates and Guides were created to ensure maximum possible legal protection for religious entities to freely hold and act upon their sincerely-held religious beliefs.  We also seek to safeguard religious entities by accurately informing them as to the present state of the law so they can act in compliance with existing law and identify legal pitfalls that may hinder their ability to operate.  We encourage faith-based organizations to work diligently to ensure their beliefs are written down, codified, and enforced so that they have the tool kit needed to prove the sincerity of their faith.

To learn more about Liberty Institute’s free-of-charge Religious Liberty Templates and Guides —and what is needed for a church or faith-based organization to get started— ====>Click Here

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