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left_flag Monday, May 6
Monday, May 6, 2019

First up today, Kerby will have a discussion with Kay Wills Wyma, a previously aired interview on her book, “Not The Boss of Us: Putting Overwhelmed In It’s Place In a Do-All, Be-All World.”  Then we go live as Kerby welcomes Darrell Furgason, who will speak to us about a Christian response to the SOGI Strategy. Up next is Hope Generation’s Ben Courson. Ben has a new book: Optimisfits. Kerby’s final guest is Ken Harrison who also has a new book: Rise of the Servant Kings.

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Monday, May 6, 2019

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Kerby Anderson
Kerby Anderson
Host, Point of View Radio Talk Show

Kerby Anderson is the President of Probe Ministries and host of Point of View Radio Talk Show. He holds masters degrees from Yale University (science) and Georgetown University (government). He also serves as a visiting professor at Dallas Theological Seminary and has spoken on dozens of university campuses including University of Michigan, Vanderbilt University, Princeton University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Colorado…

Darrell Furgason, Ph.D. Show Page
Darrell Furgason, Ph.D.
Director | Worldview Studies Center - Adjunct Professor | Jesse Helms School of Government
Dr Furgason has been involved in Christian education for more than 30 years, teaching in Australia, the USA and Canada, and was Dean of the College of Humanities & International Studies at the University of the Nations, Canberra, from 1994–97. He has also taught in the Political Science department at Trinity Western University, Langley, British Columbia, Canada. Dr Furgason has given his ‘Thinking Biblically’ and ‘Developing a Biblical Worldview’ presentations in more than 15 countries. He is currently the Director for the Worldview Studies Center, an educational ministry that helps develop Christian leaders for every area of society. He is also an Adjunct Professor in the Jesse Helms School of Government, at Liberty University, Virginia. Dr Furgason has a BA and B.Letters in Philosophy from the Australian National University, and an MA in International Relations and PhD in Religious Studies from the University of Sydney. He has 5 children, and lives in Chilliwack BC.
Ben Courson Show Page
Ben Courson
Founder - Hope Generation
Ben Courson is the founder of Hope Generation, has a global TV and radio program, and is a gifted and nationally renowned speaker. Hope Generation TV show airs in 180 countries around the world. Ben's humorous, uplifting, and high-energy style couples with a gift to communicate God’s heart in an impactful way. His ultimate mission is to generate hope in God to build a generation of hope in others.
Op•ti•mis•fit, n: a nonconformist, an adventurer, a person who lives with wild abandon, childlike wonder, and unapologetic optimism.

You were never meant to fit in. You were made to stand out.

With passion, purpose, a large dose of humor, and a wild sense of wonder, Optimisfits offers a road map for a better way to live. It’s calling you to seize your status as an outsider and wage a fierce rebellion against the hopelessness of the world by living out an intensely optimistic approach to every day.

Ben Courson and a band of misfits invite you to join them on an epic adventure with God and with the Squad.

#hopeisdope! And it’s time to spread it like fire. Are you ready to make a real difference and ignite the world? Join the Optimisfits and see sparks fly!
Ken Harrison Show Page
Ken Harrison
Chairman | Promise Keepers - CEO | WaterStone Foundation
Ken Harrison is the Chairman of Promise Keepers and also serves as CEO of WaterStone Foundation, a Christian donor advised fund that donates over $1 million per week to build God’s Kingdom. His mission is to provide executive leadership and strategic direction to the ministry while inspiring men to be bold, humble and ambitious about their faith.
After starting his career as a police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) in the notorious Watts/Compton area, Harrison spent nearly two decades in the commercial real estate arena both nationally and internationally. After successfully building and growing his company, he sold the majority interest to Colliers International, the second largest commercial real estate company in the world. He stayed on as CEO of U.S. Valuation and Chair of International Valuation.
Harrison is a Colson Fellow and has served on numerous local and national boards, including: FCA, Colorado Uplift, Urban Youth Ministries, Corban University and WaterStone. Harrison lives in Colorado with his wife of 28 years. They have three adult children.
An author and corporate speaker, Harrison has appeared on many radio interviews as well as The 700 Club and Turning Point television shows. With a long record of dedicated service to ministry, Harrison leads Bible studies locally and participated in numerous mission trips to Mexico, South Africa, Haiti, and the Philippines
Rise of the Servant Kings: What the Bible Says About Being a Man
Men are hungry for authenticity and for sound and bold biblical teaching on true masculinity. Every day men ask themselves questions about how to be better fathers, husbands, friends, and men, but it's difficult to find satisfying answers. Rise of the Servant Kings explains that true masculinity is found in absolute surrender to God, which always results in humble character and is expressed in courage and generosity. When a man truly understands God's desires, he will naturally express godly masculinity, Ken Harrison weaves together his experiences as a police officer in one of the deadliest areas of the country, with many years as a business executive and ministry leader, to share deep truths for men direct from God's Word.
Kay Wyma Show Page
Kay Wyma
Writer | Blogger | Speaker
Kay Wills Wyma, former White House staffer, international banker, and entrepreneur, is a mom of five who writes about seeing beyond life's pressures in order to navigate life and thrive together. She is the author of two books and blogs at the popular and video podcasts at She has been featured on outlets such as The Today Show, CNN, and Focus on the Family, and has contributed to the Huffington Post, NYT Motherlode, DMagazine, Thriving Families, and more. Kay lives in Dallas, Texas, with her family.
Not the Boss of Us: Putting Overwhelmed in Its Place in a Do-All, Be-All World
Too much to manage and not enough time or energy to do it? Join the club. Life is a pressure cooker and, more and more, being overwhelmed is just considered normal. But, truth be told, life's stresses and circumstances aren't the boss of us. What if we could take Overwhelmed and diffuse it--or, better yet, reframe it to good?

Author, blogger, and mother of five Kay Wills Wyma has learned that if we're going to be overwhelmed by anything, let's have it be Truth with all its grace, hope, peace, and love. In this freeing book, she shares how to confront life's pressures we face--at home, online, at work, in our relationships, on our calendars--and replace all those heavy expectations with the liberating truth that we were made for something better. Through her inspiring personal stories sprinkled with a dash of humor, she gives readers permission to step back, let go, and find fulfillment and freedom in a life lived in light of eternity.
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