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left_flag Tuesday, May 1
Tuesday, May 1, 2018
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Dr. Nick Pitts is the guest host of today’s show.

Nick will talk about what’s trending in the news today and about some of the top stories from the nations headlines. His first guest is David Ferguson who will bring us the latest news from the upcoming National Day of Prayer. Nick’s other guest is Jack Deere who has a new book, Even in Our Darkness

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Nick Pitts
Dr. Nick Pitts
Executive Director of the Institute for Global Engagement - DBU
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J. Nick Pitts serves as the Executive Director of the Institute for Global Engagement at Dallas Baptist University. Previous to this he held the position of Director for Cultural Engagement at Denison Forum on Truth and Culture. He came to the Denison Forum in 2014. He contributed to the Forum in the areas of geopolitics and popular culture, as wellRead More

David Ferguson Show Page
David Ferguson
Dr. David Ferguson serves as the executive director for several U.S. and global initiatives focused on Great Commission living empowered by Great Commandment love. In the faith community, the Great Commandment Network serves more than 20 denominations and para-church ministries through pastoral care, training strategies, and resource development. Dr. Ferguson has served on various national and international initiatives and boards including the Awakening America Alliance Cabinet, Empowered 21 Global and U.S. Cabinets, Garden Tomb Council in Jerusalem/London, The Marriage CoMission U.S. Steering Committee, The Fatherhood CoMission, NextGen Imperative and the Relational Values Alliance. Dr. Ferguson and his wife, Teresa, are co-founders of the Center for Relational Leadership and have conducted training and coaching events for leaders from more than 50 countries. They have three adult children, seven special grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. They reside in Austin, Texas.
Jack Deere Show Page
Jack Deere
Lecturer, Teacher, Pastor, Author
Jack Deere is a writer and lecturer who speaks throughout the world. He was an assistant professor of Old Testament at Dallas Theological Seminary for more than ten years, until he was fired in 1987 for reversing his stance on the gifts of the Holy Spirit - he had come to believe that gifts such as healing and prophecy are accessible today. This experience became the basis of his bestselling books, Surprised by the Power of the Spirit and Surprised by the Voice of God. Deere then spent four years with John Wimber at the Vineyard Christian fellowship in Anaheim California, and went on to pastor other churches. Jack and his wife Leesa currently live in St. Louis, where he is caring for her as she recovers from strokes. They are the parents of Stephen, Alese, and the late Scott Deere.
Even in Our Darkness
Prepare yourself for an unvarnished look at the Christian life, told now for the first time. A powerful memoir of finding beauty and friendship through the pain of loss, tragedy, and brokenness, Even in Our Darkness explores what it means to know God and be known by him.
Nick Daily Briefing
Daily Briefing
The Daily Briefing is a newsletter sent straight to your inbox every morning that provides biblical insight on today's news. This five-minute read gives an overview of the news driving the day and provides Nick Notes. These Notes offer biblical insight of the highlighted article. In essence, each note tries to answer this question: how should we think about this from a biblical perspective?



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