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Supreme Court's Oral Argument Process on Same Sex Marriage

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Tomorrow the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments for Obergefell vs. Hodges, the case that will determine whether same-sex marriage can be forced on a state by the courts.
If the court decides this case the way everyone expects them to, same-sex marriage will be forced on all 50 states through their ruling. If that happens, it will almost automatically elevate sexual orientation and gender identity to the same level as race. The impact that will have on religious freedom is immeasurable.  
Already Christians across the nation are losing jobs, businesses, facing financial ruin, and some have even been threatened with jail time for refusing to participate in a same-sex wedding.
Please pray for our nation today. And especially pray that God would direct the Justices of the Supreme Court. If you listened to Friday’s show then you probably heard Kelly Shackelford explain the Supreme Court’s oral argument process on gay marriage. If you missed it, you can watch it here: