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Afghanistan Humiliation

Soviet-invasion-of-Afghanistan - downed helicopter
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Kerby Andersonnever miss viewpoints

Why did Vladimir Putin decide to invade Ukraine? There are many reasons. One that is often ignored is the Afghanistan humiliation. The American military doesn’t want to mention it. They are responsible for much of it. The establishment press doesn’t really talk about it. That is old news and the focus is always on the present.

In an ideal world, the American military is supposed to act as a deterrent. Dictators and terrorists should think twice before challenging the US military. In the best of all worlds, we would welcome the fact that the military is such a deterrent, that we never have to use it.

The botched withdrawal from Afghanistan changed all that. We left behind what some estimate to be $80 billion in military arms and other equipment. We left behind Bagram Airbase after having spent $96 million on the two long runways. And don’t forget the $1 billion embassy in Kabul. The US packed up and flew out of the country leaving behind many who deserved to travel with us.

An effective military should frighten our enemies and encourage our allies. But does anyone seriously think leaders in other countries will trust us in the future? They may place their trust in us and yet fear we will merely “cut and run” whenever the next president thinks it is appropriate.

But how much trust do the American people have in the US military? I remember a time not so long ago when Americans often listed the military as one of the most trusted institutions. The latest polls can’t find a majority (only 45%) who have great confidence in the military. Generals and admirals seem more intent on rooting out racism or white supremacy in their ranks than focusing on protecting freedom here and abroad.

Our military is no longer a deterrent. Our enemies don’t fear us. Our friends don’t trust us.viewpoints new web version

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