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Can Gay Brothers Marry?

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You had to see this coming. A recent article in Irish News argues, “that gay cousins should be allowed to marry each other following the same-sex marriage referendum.” After all, the only reason we don’t allow cousins to marry is to protect the genetic pool. This wouldn’t be a problem for gay cousins.

Dr. Michael Brown, who supports traditional marriage, takes their argument one step further and asks in a recent column, “Why can’t two gay brothers marry?” He points out that once you throw out biblical norms, then just about anything could be done. One of the strongest arguments, he says, against consensual adult incest is that incestuous unions could result in children with genetic defects. If that is not possible in a gay union, why not allow gay brothers or gay sisters to marry?

The argument we get these days from the gay lobby is that the prohibition in Leviticus 18 against homosexuality should not apply today. Well, a few verses earlier are verses that prohibit incest. If we are throwing out biblical prohibitions against homosexuality, then why shouldn’t we throw out biblical prohibitions against incest?

Michael Brown has been talking about the attempts to normalize consensual adult incest. Yet when he was on the Piers Morgan show two years ago, he was told that his concerns were “ridiculous” and “silly.”

Already some European countries have lifted legal sanctions against incestuous relationships. A number of academics have been arguing for something similar in this country. And we have a few court cases advocating for consensual adult incest.

This is what happens when society rejects the biblical norm for marriage. Most of the arguments for same-sex marriage could also be compelling arguments for polygamy as well as incest. When we raised these questions and concerns in the past, we were told not to worry. But we could see it coming, and now it is almost here.

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